op·er·a·tion (op
1. any act performed with instruments or by the hands of a surgeon; a surgical procedure. 2. the process or act of functioning, doing, or performing.
For terms not found here, see also method, procedure, repair, surgery, technique, or the specific type of operation such as amputation.
Abbe operation, attachment of a triangular, full-thickness flap from the median portion of the lower lip to fill a defect in the upper lip.
Adams operation, subcutaneous intracapsular division of the neck of the femur for ankylosis of the hip.subcutaneous division of the palmar fascia at various points for Dupuytren contracture.excision of a wedge-shaped piece from the eyelid for relief of ectropion.
Akin operation, resection of the medial prominence of the first metatarsal head and cuneiform osteotomy of the proximal phalanx of the great toe, done for hallux valgus.
Albee operation, operation for ankylosis of the hip, consisting of cutting off the upper surface of the head of the femur and freshening a corresponding point on the acetabulum, and permitting the two freshened surfaces to rest in contact.
Albee-Delbet operation, an operation for fracture of the neck of the femur, done by drilling a hole through the trochanter and the neck and head of the femur and inserting a bone peg in this hole.
Albert operation, excision of the knee to secure ankylosis for the cure of flail joint.
Alexander operation, Alexander-Adams operation, shortening of the round ligaments to repair displacement of the uterus.
Alouette operation, see under amputation.
Ammon operation, blepharoplasty by a flap from the cheek.dacryocystotomy.for epicanthus: resection of a spindle-shaped piece of skin over the bridge of the nose, undermining the flaps of the epicanthal fold, and closing with sutures.
Anagnostakis operation, an operation for entropion.an operation for trichiasis.
Aries-Pitanguy operation, see under mammaplasty.
Baldy operation, Baldy-Webster operation, Webster o.
Barkan operation, goniotomy.
Barker operation, an excision of the hip joint by an anterior cut.a special method of excising the astragalus by an incision extending from just above the external malleolus forward and inward to the dorsum of the foot.
Barraquer operation, phacoerysis.
Barsky operation, an operation for repair of a cleft hand with a missing central ray and a deep central V-shaped cleft, consisting of closing the cleft, bringing the ring and index fingers closer together, and correcting the associated syndactyly, if present.
Barton operation, an operation for ankylosis consisting of sawing through the bone and removing a V-shaped piece.
Basset operation, a method of dissecting the inguinal glands in radical operations for cancer of the vulva.
Bassini operation, repair of inguinal hernia, with high ligation of the sac, reinforcement of the floor of the canal, and placement of the spermatic cord under the external oblique anastomosis.
Beer operation, a flap method for cataract.
Belsey Mark IV operation, fundoplication for gastroesophageal reflux with the fundus being wrapped 270 degrees around the circumference of the esophagus, leaving its posterior wall free; done through a thoracic incision. Called also Belsey Mark IV fundoplication.
Berger operation, interscapulothoracic amputation.
Berke operation, a modification of the Blaskovics operation for ptosis of the upper eyelid, with resection of the levator muscle through a skin incision and excision of excess muscle.a modification of the Motais operation for ptosis of the upper eyelid, with suspension of the ptotic lid from the superior rectus muscle.
Bier operation, see under amputation.
Biesenberger operation, see under mammaplasty.
Billroth operation, either of two operations with partial resection of the stomach and anastomosis of the remaining stomach to either the duodenum (Billroth I) or the jejunum (Billroth II). Called also Billroth gastrectomy or gastroenterostomy.
Blair-Brown operation, repair of a cleft lip by the use of a lateral flap one-half the length of the lip.
Blalock-Hanlon operation, a palliative operation for transposition of the great vessels, consisting of the creation of an interatrial septal defect.
Blalock-Taussig operation, the side-to-side anastomosis of the left subclavian artery to the left pulmonary artery (sometimes the right subclavian to the right pulmonary artery) in order to shunt some of the systemic circulation into the pulmonary circulation; performed as palliative treatment of tetralogy of Fallot or other congenital anomalies associated with insufficient pulmonary arterial flow.
Blaskovics operation, an operation for ptosis of the upper eyelid, consisting of excision of the levator muscle and the tarsus through a conjunctival approach.
Bricker operation, see under technique.
Brock operation, transventricular closed valvotomy.
Browne operation, a type of urethroplasty for repair of hypospadias; an intact strip of epithelium is left on the ventral surface of the penis to form the roof of the urethra, and the floor of the urethra is formed by epithelialization from the lateral wound margins. Called also Denis Browne o.
Brunschwig operation, pelvic exenteration.
Buck operation, cuneiform excision of the patella and the ends of tibia and fibula.
Burow operation, a method of excising triangles of skin at the base of the pedicle of a skin flap to facilitate advancement.
Caldwell-Luc operation, antrostomy in which an opening is made into the maxillary sinus by way of an incision into the supradental fossa opposite the premolar teeth, usually done to remove tooth roots or abnormal tissue from the sinus.in compound zygomaticomaxillary fractures, the packing of the maxillary sinus by approaching the antrum through the canine fossa of the maxilla above the tooth apices, thus allowing reduction of displaced fragments of the zygoma by upward and outward pressure. Called also Luc o.
Carpue operation, Indian rhinoplasty.
Cecil operation, a two-stage urethroplasty for hypospadias repair, with construction of a new urethral segment buried in the scrotum, and later by separation of the new urethra from the scrotum. Called also Cecil urethroplasty.
Charles operation, treatment of elephantiasis and other types of massive lymphedema of the lower limb by excision of subcutaneous tissue followed by skin grafting.
Chopart operation, see under amputation.
Colonna operation, a reconstruction operation for intracapsular fracture of the femoral neck.a common type of capsular arthroplasty of the hip.
Commando operation, an operation for management of oral cancer, consisting in resection of the primary lesion and the regional lymphatic nodes.
concrete operations, a stage in reasoning or functioning usually seen in children between the ages of approximately 7 and 11, following the stage of preoperational thinking and preceding that of formal operations; it is characterized by comprehension of relational terms, decrease in egocentricity and increase in the ability to appreciate the perspective of others, understanding of the reversibility of events and ideas as well as of conservation of volume and quantity, and the beginning of logical thought, although it is initially restricted to objects immediately present.
Conway operation, see under mammaplasty.
Cooper ligament operation, McVay repair.
cosmetic operation, one intended to remove or correct a deformity in an esthetically acceptable manner.
Cotte operation, removal of the presacral nerve.
Dandy operation, trigeminal rhizotomy using an approach through the posterior cranial fossa.
Daviel operation, extraction of cataract through a corneal incision without cutting the iris.
Denis Browne operation, Browne o.
Denonvilliers operation, plastic correction of a defective ala nasi by transferring a triangular flap from the adjacent side of the nose.
Dieffenbach operation, plastic closure of triangular defects by displacing a quadrangular flap toward one side of the triangle.
Dittel operation, an early treatment for hypertrophy of the prostate, consisting of enucleation through an external incision.
Duhamel operation, the treatment of congenital megacolon by a modification of the pull-through operation and establishment of a longitudinal anastomosis between the proximal ganglionated segment of colon and the rectum, leaving the rectum in situ. See illustration at Swenson o.
Dührssen operation, vaginofixation of the uterus.
Dupuy-Dutemps operation, blepharoplasty of the lower lid with tissue from the opposing lid.
Dupuytren operation, shoulder disarticulation.
Elliot operation, a method of trephining the sclerocornea for the relief of increased tension in glaucoma.
Emmet operation, a method of repairing a lacerated perineum.trachelorrhaphy.surgical creation of a vesicovaginal fistula to secure drainage of the bladder in cystitis.
equilibrating operation, tenotomy of the direct antagonist of a paralyzed eye muscle.
Esser operation, epithelial inlay.
Estes operation, implantation of an ovary into a uterine cornu; performed to establish fertility when the uterine tubes are absent.
Estlander operation, resection of one or more ribs in empyema so as to allow the chest wall to collapse and close the abnormal cavity; of historical interest.rotation of a triangular flap from the side of the lower lip to fill a defect in the lateral upper lip.
Eversbusch operation, an operation for ptosis of the upper eyelid, consisting of resection of the levator muscle through a skin incision.
exploratory operation, surgical incision into an area of the body followed by inspection and palpation of organs and tissues to determine the cause of unexplained symptoms.
Fergusson operation, removal of the maxilla through an incision running along the junction of the nose with the cheek, around the ala of the nose to the median line, and then down to bisect the upper lip. Called also Fergusson incision.
Finney operation, see under pyloroplasty.
flap operation, any operation involving the raising of a flap of tissue.in periodontics, an operation to secure greater access to granulation tissue and osseous defects, consisting of detachment of the gingivae, the alveolar mucosa, and/or a portion of the palatal mucosa.see under amputation.
formal operations, a form of thinking following the stage of concrete operations and representing the final, most mature state of thinking; usually occurring after the age of 11 and characterized by the emergence of true logical thought, with the capability for deductive reasoning, abstract thinking, formulation and testing of hypotheses, appreciation for multiple perspectives on an issue, and the manipulation of ideas and concepts.
Fothergill operation, Manchester o.
Frazier-Spiller operation, trigeminal rhizotomy using an approach through the middle cranial fossa.
Fredet-Ramstedt operation, pyloromyotomy.
Freyer operation, a method formerly used for prostatic hypertrophy, using suprapubic enucleation.
Fukala operation, removal of the lens of the eye for the treatment of marked myopia.
Fuller operation, a former method of treating an abscessed seminal vesicle by draining it through a perineal incision.
Gifford operation, delimiting keratotomy.
Gilliam operation, an operation for retroversion of the uterus by drawing a loop of each round ligament through the abdominal wall and fixing the loops to the abdominal fascia.
Gillies operation, operation for correction of ectropion utilizing a split-thickness skin graft and a mold.a technique for reducing fractures of the zygoma and zygomatic arch through an incision in the temporal region above the hairline.
Girdlestone operation, see under resection.
Glenn operation, an operation for congenital cyanotic heart disease, consisting of anastomosis of the superior vena cava to the right pulmonary artery.
Gonin operation, treatment of retinal detachment by thermocautery of the fissure in the retina performed through an opening in the sclera.
Graefe operation, removal of the cataractous lens by a scleral cut, with laceration of the capsule and iridectomy.
Gritti operation, see under amputation.
Guyon operation, see under amputation.
Halsted operation, radical mastectomy.
Hancock operation, see under amputation.
Hartley-Krause operation, excision of the gasserian ganglion and its roots to relieve trigeminal neuralgia; of historical interest.
Hartmann operation, see under procedure.
Haultain operation, a modification of the Huntington operation for replacement of a chronically inverted uterus, involving a posterior incision in the uterus through the cervical ring.
Heine operation, cyclodialysis in glaucoma.
Heineke-Mikulicz operation, see under pyloroplasty.
Heller operation, esophagocardiomyotomy.
Herbert operation, displacement of a wedge-shaped flap of sclera in order to form a filtering cicatrix in glaucoma.
Hey operation, see under amputation.
Hibbs operation, a spinal fusion operation done by fracturing the spinous processes of the vertebrae and pressing the tip of each downward to rest in the denuded area caused by the fracture of its elbow below.
Hoffa operation, Hoffa-Lorenz operation, Lorenz o.
Holth operation, excision of the sclera by punch operation.
Homans operation, a formerly common treatment for elephantiasis and other types of massive edema of the lower limb, consisting of excision of subcutaneous tissue and redundant skin on the lateral and medial aspects.
Horsley operation, excision of an area of motor cortex for relief of athetoid and convulsive movements of an upper extremity; of historical interest.
Huggins operation, orchiectomy done to treat cancer of the prostate.
Hunter operation, a former method of treating aneurysm, consisting of ligation of the artery on the proximal side of the aneurysm above the first collateral.
Huntington operation, transabdominal repair of a chronically inverted uterus. It is done by grasping the invaginated portion of the uterus with forceps; as the uterus is pulled up, additional forceps are placed sequentially lower down, and upward traction is applied. After the uterus is in place, the position is maintained by packing through the vagina.
Indian operation, see under rhinoplasty.
interposition operation, Watkins o.
interval operation, an operation performed during the interval between two acute attacks of a disease, as in appendicitis.
Irving operation, see under technique.
Italian operation, tagliacotian rhinoplasty.
Jaboulay operation, hemipelvectomy.
Jantene operation, a type of arterial switch procedure (q.v.).
Kasai operation, portoenterostomy.
Kazanjian operation, a technique of surgical extension of the buccal vestibular sulcus of edentulous ridges to increase their height and to improve denture retention.the use of extraskeletal fixation for support in compound zygomaticomaxillary fractures: a small hole is drilled through the infraorbital rim, and a stainless steel wire is inserted with both ends brought out through the wound, where they are twisted together into a loop or hook. Rubber band traction between the suspension wire and an outrigger on a head cap provides support for the zygomatic fragments.
Keller operation, sagittal resection of the medial prominence of the first metatarsal head and excision of the base of the proximal phalanx of the great toe; done for hallux valgus.
Kelly operation, see under plication.
Killian operation, excision of the anterior wall of the frontal sinus, removal of the diseased tissue, and formation of a permanent communication with the nose.
Killian-Freer operation, submucous resection of the nasal septum, including the septal cartilage, vomer, and perpendicular plate of the ethmoid.
King operation, arytenoidopexy.
Knapp operation, treatment of cataract by the formation of a peripheral opening in the capsule behind the iris, without iridectomy.
Kondoleon operation, a formerly common treatment for elephantiasis and other types of lymphedema by the removal of strips of subcutaneous tissue; it was later modified to the Homans operation.
Körte-Ballance operation, anastomosis of the facial and hypoglossal nerves.
Kraske operation, removal of the coccyx and part of the sacrum for access to rectal carcinoma.
Krause operation, extradural excision of the gasserian ganglion for trigeminal neuralgia; of historical interest.
Krönlein operation, resection of the outer wall of the orbit for the removal of an orbital tumor without excising the eye.
Küstner operation, replacement of an inverted uterus through an incision made in the cervix and uterus along the posterior surface.
Lagrange operation, sclerectoiridectomy.
Landolt operation, the formation of a lower eyelid with a double pedicle or bridge flap of eyelid skin taken from the upper lid.
Lapidus operation, a procedure for correction of hallux valgus, involving wedge resection and fusion of the innermost cuneometatarsal joint and establishment of a bridge between the bases of the first and second metatarsals.
Larrey operation, see under amputation.
Latzko operation, Latzko cesarean section.a method of repairing a vesicovaginal fistula by using mucosa denuded from the posterior wall of the vagina as a flap to cover the fistula.
Le Fort operation, Le Fort-Neugebauer operation, the operation of uniting the anterior and posterior vaginal walls along the middle line for the repair or prevention of prolapse of the uterus.
Lempert fenestration operation, an operation for otosclerosis, consisting of drilling a small window into the lateral semicircular canal and then placing a flap of skin over the fistula.
Lisfranc operation, see under amputation.shoulder disarticulation.
Lorenz operation, an operation for developmental dysplasia of the hip, consisting of reduction of the dislocation, and keeping the head of the femur fixed against the rudimentary acetabulum until a socket is formed.
Lowsley operation, an operation for repair of simple epispadias, consisting of closing the cleft urethra, splitting the glans, and burying the repaired urethra deep in the soft tissue so that its orifice will be at the normal site.
Luc operation, Caldwell-Luc o.
Lynch operation, incision of the frontal sinus and removal of its floor and contents; done in cases of expanding mucoceles, pyoceles, and tumors of the sinus.
McBride operation, resection of the medial prominence of the first metatarsal head, medial capsulorrhaphy, resection of the fibular sesamoid, and transfer of the adductor tendon to the neck of the first metatarsal; done for hallux valgus.
McDonald operation, an operation for incompetent cervix, in which the cervical os is closed with a purse-string suture.
McGill operation, suprapubic transvesical prostatectomy.
McVay operation, see under repair.
magnet operation, removal of a fragment of steel or iron from the eyeball by means of a powerful magnet.
major operation, an operation of major surgery (q.v.).
Manchester operation, an operation for uterine prolapse comprising dilation and curettage, anterior repair, amputation of the vaginal portion of the cervix, shortening of the cardinal ligaments, and posterior colpoperineorrhaphy.
Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz operation, an operation for the correction of stress incontinence; the anterior portion of the urethra, vesical neck, and bladder are sutured to the posterior surface of the pubic bone.
Matas operation, endoaneurysmorrhaphy.
Maydl operation, one of the pioneering treatments for exstrophy of the bladder, attaching the ureters to the rectum (see ureterorectostomy).
Meller operation, an operation for excision of the tear sac.
Mikulicz operation, Heineke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty.Vladimiroff-Mikulicz amputation.
Miles operation, surgical treatment for cancer of the lower sigmoid and rectum, with removal of the pelvic colon, mesocolon, and adjacent lymph nodes, and wide perineal excision of the rectum and anus, and a permanent colostomy.
Millin operation, a formerly common method of radical retropubic prostatectomy.
minor operation, an operation of minor surgery (q.v.).
Mitchell operation, a procedure for correction of hallux valgus, involving distal osteotomy of the first metatarsal.
Motais operation, an operation for ptosis, consisting of transplanting the middle portion of the tendon of the superior rectus muscle of the eyeball into the upper lid.
Mules operation, evisceration of the eyeball, with insertion of artificial vitreous.
Mustard operation, correction of transposition of great vessels by construction of an intra-atrial baffle, composed of pericardial tissue or synthetic material, to direct the systemic and pulmonary venous blood into the left and right ventricles, respectively.
Naffziger operation, excision of the superior and lateral walls of the orbit for exophthalmos.
Nissen operation, see under fundoplication.
Ober operation, medial subtalar syndesmotomy for clubfoot.
Olshausen operation, the operation of fixing or suturing the uterus to the abdominal wall for the cure of retroversion.
Ombrédanne operation, transscrotal orchiopexy.
open operation, an operation in which the tissues and organs are exposed to view through a surgical incision.
Partsch operation, a technique for marsupialization of dental cyst.
Patey operation, modified radical mastectomy.
Péan operation, hip joint amputation in which the vessels are ligated during the course of the operation.
Phelps operation, an open and direct incision through the sole and inner side of the foot, done for talipes.
Phemister operation, use of an onlay graft of cancellous bone without internal fixation, for treatment of a stable but ununited fracture.
plastic operation, one in which the shape of a part or the character of its covering is altered by transplantation of tissue or other means.
Polya operation, subtotal gastrectomy with anastomosis of the transected end of the stomach to the side of the jejunum.
Pomeroy operation, see under technique.
Potts operation, anastomosis between the descending aorta and left pulmonary artery as palliative treatment of congenital pulmonary stenosis. Called also Potts anastomosis or shunt.
pull-through operation, surgery on the intestine in which a diseased segment is removed and a proximal segment is pulled down and through the part just beyond the removed part. See ileoanal pull-through anastomosis, Duhamel o., Soave o., and Swenson o.
radical operation, see under surgery.
Ramstedt operation, pyloromyotomy.
Rastelli operation, an operation for correction of large ventricular septal defects with pulmonary infundibular and valvular stenosis; an intraventricular patch is placed so that blood flows through the septal defect and out the aorta, and a prosthesis is placed to establish continuity between the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery.
Regnoli operation, excision of the tongue through a median opening below the lower jaw, reaching from the chin to the hyoid bone.
Ridell operation, obliteration of the frontal sinus by removal of the anterior wall and floor and sometimes posterior walls of the sinus; for treatment of malignant tumors.
Roux-en-Y operation, see under anastomosis.
Saemisch operation, transfixion of the cornea and of the base of the ulcer for the cure of hypopyon.
Scanzoni operation, see under maneuver.
Schauta operation, radical hysterectomy by the vaginal route.
Schede operation, resection of the thorax for chronic empyema.in cases of necrotic bone, excision of dead bone and diseased tissue, after which the cavity is permitted to fill with a blood clot that is kept moist and aseptic and eventually becomes organized.
Scheie operation, scleral cauterization with peripheral iridectomy for treatment of glaucoma.a technique for needling and aspiration of cataract.
Sédillot operation, a flap operation for restoring the upper lip.
Senning operation, surgical creation of two interatrial channels for crossing the systemic and pulmonary venous circulations in transposition of the great vessels.
Shirodkar operation, an operation for incompetent cervix in which the cervical os is closed with a surrounding purse-string suture.
Silver operation, resection of the medial prominence of the first metatarsal head, medial capsulorrhaphy of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, and sectioning of the adductor tendon; done for hallux valgus.
Sistrunk operation, a surgical procedure for removal of thyroglossal cysts and sinuses.
Smith operation, extraction of an immature cataract with an intact capsule.
Soave operation, treatment of congenital megacolon by an endorectal pull-through operation, with normal colon connected to the anus through a rectum denuded of mucosa. See illustration.
Spinelli operation, the operation of splitting the anterior wall of the prolapsed inverted uterus, reversing the organ, and restoring it to the correct position.
Ssabanejew-Frank operation, a formerly common type of gastrostomy with suture of the stomach to the body wall.
Stein operation, an operation for reconstruction of the lower lip with flaps taken from the upper lip.
Steindler operation, surgical correction of pes cavus by stripping muscle and fascia from the plantar calcaneal surface.
Stokes operation, Gritti-Stokes amputation.
Strömbeck operation, see under mammaplasty.
Sturmdorf operation, conical excision of the diseased endocervix.
Swenson operation, an operation for congenital megacolon, consisting of removal of the rectum and the aganglionic segment of the intestine and an ileoanal pull-through anastomosis with preservation of the anal sphincters. See illustration.
Operations to remove or counterbalance the obstructive effect of the aganglionic segment in congenital megacolon. The Swenson operation removes the segment up to the dentate line posteriorly, leaving a short segment of abnormal bowel anteriorly. The Duhamel operation excises the aganglionic segment above the peritoneal reflection only. The Soave operation is an endorectal mucosal proctectomy with the rectal muscle layer left in place.
Syme operation, see under amputation.
tagliacotian operation, see under rhinoplasty.
Tanner operation, an operation for bleeding esophageal varices in which the terminal end of the esophagus and the proximal part of the stomach are freed of external vascular and ligamentous connections, and the stomach is transected below the cardia.
Teale operation, see under amputation.
Thiersch operation, removal of thin split-thickness skin grafts by means of a razor, skin-graft cutting knife, or a dermatome.
Thompson operation, a formerly common treatment for elephantiasis and other types of massive lymphedema of the lower limb, consisting of excision of some subcutaneous tissue and burying of a dermal flap among the underlying muscles.
Torek operation, one of the pioneering operations for esophageal cancer, consisting of removal of the thoracic part of the esophagus.
Torkildsen operation, ventriculocisternal shunt.
Toti operation, dacryocystorhinostomy.
Toupet operation, see under fundoplication.
Trendelenburg operation, an early method for treating varicose veins, consisting of ligation of the great saphenous vein.synchondroseotomy.transthoracic pulmonary embolectomy.
van Hook operation, ureteroureterostomy.
Vineberg operation, implantation of the internal mammary artery into the myocardium to enhance the growth of collateral circulation.
Vladimiroff operation, Mikulicz o. (def. 3).
von Burow operation, Burow o.
Waters operation, a form of extraperitoneal cesarean section.
Waterston operation, anastomosis between the ascending aorta and right pulmonary artery as palliative treatment of congenital pulmonary stenosis. Called also Waterston anastomosis or shunt.
Watkins operation, an operation for prolapse and procidentia uteri in which the bladder is separated from the anterior wall of the uterus so that the uterus is left in a position to support the entire bladder. Called also interposition o.
Webster operation, for retrodisplacement of the uterus: the round ligaments are passed through the perforated broad ligaments and fixed to the back of the uterus.
Wertheim operation, radical hysterectomy; removal of the uterus, tubes, parametrium, tissues surrounding the upper vagina, and pelvic lymphatics.
Whipple operation, see under procedure.
Whitehead operation, a treatment for hemorrhoids consisting of surgical removal.
Whitman operation, an operation for arthroplasty of the hip joint.a method of astragalectomy.
Witzel operation, see under gastrostomy.
Young operation, an operation for penile epispadias, with formation of a new urethral tube.perineal prostatectomy.
Ziegler operation, V-shaped iridectomy for forming an artificial pupil.