an instrument for injecting liquids into or withdrawing them from any vessel or cavity.
air syringe, a small fine-nozzled syringe connected by a hose to the compressed air tank in the dental unit; used to direct a current of air into a tooth cavity during excavation, to remove the small chips detached from the teeth, or to dry the cavity. Called also chip s.
Anel syringe, a delicate syringe for the treatment of the lacrimal passages.
bulb syringe, a syringe with a bulb on one end; compression of the bulb creates a vacuum for gentle suction of small amounts of bodily drainage.
chip syringe, air s.
dental syringe, a small syringe into which is fitted a hermetically sealed cartridge containing an anesthetic solution for intraoral injection anesthesia.
fountain syringe, an apparatus which injects a liquid by the action of gravity.
hypodermic syringe, a syringe, usually of small caliber, by means of which drugs in solution or other liquids are injected through a hollow needle of small bore into the subcutaneous tissues.
Luer syringe, Luer-Lok syringe, a glass syringe for intravenous and hypodermic use, with a metallic tip and locking device to hold the needle firmly in place.
probe syringe, a syringe whose point may be used also as a probe; used mostly in treating the lacrimal passages.
water syringe, a syringe that is part of the dental unit, designed to permit controlled spraying of water in a desired area.