a cutting instrument with two opposed shearing blades. See accompanying table.

canalicular scissors, delicate scissors with one of the blades probe pointed; used in slitting the lacrimal canal.
cannula scissors, scissors used in slitting a canal lengthwise.
craniotomy scissors, strong F-shaped shears for use in opening the fetal head.
Fox scissors, delicate, fine-pointed scissors designed to gain access to interproximal areas for the removal of small tissue tabs or slight soft tissue deformities during gingivoplasty or gingivectomy.
Liston scissors, scissors for cutting plaster-of-Paris bandages.
Smellie scissors, short, strong-bladed scissors with external cutting edges, used in craniotomy.
Barraquer scissors
/phaco·ery·sis (fako--re´sis) / removal of the lens in cataract by means of suction with an instrument known as an erysiphake; called also Barraquer method or operation.