1. an instrument for cutting thin skin slices for skin grafts.

2. the area of skin supplied with afferent nerve fibers by a single posterior spinal root; called also dermatomic area.

3. the lateral portion of a mesodermal somite; the cutis plate.

Brown dermatome, an electric dermatome, the first to be developed, for cutting split-thickness skin grafts; it enables the surgeon to remove long strips of skin rapidly.
Castroviejo dermatome, an electric dermatome used for cutting mucous membrane grafts for the treatment of eyelid and socket deformities and as an adjunct in the removal of tattoos after the initial excision has been done using either the Brown or Padgett dermatomes. It has a tiny cutting head with special blades and skims to control the thickness of the cut.
Padgett dermatome, an instrument for rapid cutting of split-thickness skin grafts of any desired thickness.
Reese dermatome, an instrument for cutting split-thickness skin grafts that permits careful calibration of the thickness of the graft.